The North Star Chorus is an extraordinary group of men who love to sing, who strive for musical excellence, and who seek to enrich the lives of people in our community with a cappella singing.

Singers Rock 

If you are a student…        
           tell your friends (open to Jr & Sr. high school students.
           They don't have to be a current student).
"If you have a student (child or grandchild) …
"If you know of a student …
"If you know of someone who has a student …
… who is or might be interested in singing (a cappella four part harmony)...let them know!
Full flier available.  Click HERE to view.

Singing Valentines 2016

Say "I Love You" with a Song

A live local Barbershop Quartet will perform for you or your loved one!  Includes a personalized card and souvenir digital photo.  Click here for details.  Click printable order form for (you guessed it) a printable order form. 




About Us

We love to entertain by putting on musical events each year for the community, our friends, and families, including free outdoor performances to the public each June, July and August at the Como Lake Pavilion in St. Paul. Our fall show in October and holiday show in December are the highlights of the year. We also send Singing Valentines each Valentine's Day and compete each year in regional contests.  Read more...



Do you sing? Join us! Come spend time with a great bunch of guys, learn some amazing, classic songs, and get a chance to perform and strut your stuff!


Men of all ages are welcome to participate in any North Star Chorus rehearsal, Tuesdays at 7pm, at Elmwood Church in St. Anthony, MN. See the Rehearsal Information page for driving directions and a map.


What Makes Barbershop Sound Different From Other Singing Styles?

Barbershopper and self-proclaimed "occasional writer"Jon Nicholas took to his keyboard and created a truly great resource for his fellow singers.  This is any excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand why the barbershop sound is so distinct.


Read more here:


Barbershop:  A Cappella’s Martial Art

Think barbershop singing is just for old guys? Click here to learn why you are oh so wrong!